Father’s Day

Father’s Day

This Father’s Day we did something different! Instead of waiting until the end we started with refreshments. Instead of being led in worship for the whole hour we spent half of it  taking part in an activity – learning a new song, writing prayers, making handprints and bookmarks, reading the Bible passages, creating a reflection, doing a quiz, or listening to a story. Then all of what we did was pulled together into a short act of worship,followed by a veryenjoyable  soup and roll lunch in the hall. (see the poster for the service)

We began not really knowing what to expect, we were a little hesitant in taking part, but in the end people found that they had actually enjoyed themselves and the process – the general feeling was that it went well and it was something we’d like to do again. We’ll test that statement at our next elders’ meeting so if you were there tell those that missed it, and if you weren’t there ask about it!

Please pass on my thanks to all those involved in today’s service – the family enjoyed it & it was good how you brought the service together at the end. The format is worth repeating in the future …… Ian, Alison, Sally & William 

I thought it was ace! Just a pity not more where there! Maybe a similar format would be good for a back to church Sunday! I enjoyed it particularly the brew before hand, but most of all the relaxed atmosphere where people could really think about what worship is all about. Janet

It was actually much more enjoyable that I had imagined it would be – it did work really well.  It is a shame more people were not there – I think they would have been pleasantly surprised!!  And thanks to Lorna and Lesley (and anyone else involved) for the lovely lunch – a good way to end the service (and for the tea at the beginning, an excellent way to start the proceedings!!).  Jan

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