The church’s history covering the first one hundred years was written by The Rev. Harry Townley for the church centenary celebrations in 1946. The booklet also gives details of the church congregation in 1946 and a programme of the week of celebrations. Many of the pages in the document are scanned directly from an old (obviously!) copy of the Centenary Celebrations programme, but the text of the history has been retyped for clarity. Ernest Wrennal is nearing completion of a further book which gives the history of the next 50 years (1946 to 1996) and he has also updated the Harry Townley history with further information gleaned from our church records. Details of how to purchase a copy of Ernest’s book will be published as soon as they are confirmed.

If you wish to read Rev. Harry Townley’s book please click the link below

Leyland Congregational Church 1846-1946